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Papers from the Ars edendi Workshop 2010

January 12th, 2012

Andrew Dunning

On 21–22 September 2010, the Centre for Medieval Studies held a joint workshop in Toronto with the Ars edendi programme. Most of the conference papers have been published online, and are linked below.

Session 1: Liturgical texts

Gunilla Iversen, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Tropes and prosulas added to the Chant Gloria in excelsis in the medieval Mass: Editorial problems and proposed solutions”

Brian M. Jensen, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Lectionarium Placentinum as a Challenge to the Editor”

Session 2: Commentaries and glosses

Barbara Crostini, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Commenting the Psalter in Eleventh-Century Constantinople: an Image of the Paralipomena Ieremiou in the ‘Theodore Psalter’” (Note: The Theodore Psalter is now available online through the British Library.)

Erika Kihlman, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Editing fluid texts: the case of the medieval sequence commentaries”

Andrew Hicks, Centre for Medieval Studies: “Editing the Glosulae super Prisciani Librum constructionum of William of Conches”

Giulio Silano, St Michael’s College: “The Editing of Medieval Canonical Commentaries: Art or Science? The Example of the Distinctiones decretorum of Ricardus Anglicus”

Ars edendi Lecture

Michael Herren, York University and Centre for Medieval Studies: “Is the Author Really Better than His Scribes? Problems in Editing Pre-Carolingian Texts”

Session 3: Other Editorial Challenges and Solutions

Andy Orchard, Trinity College: “Shifting Scripts: Politics and Propaganda in Wulfstan’s Works”

William Robins, Department of English/Centre for Medieval Studies: “Cladistics and Medieval Philology”

Session 4: Model texts

Eva Odelman, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Methodological Problems in Editing Model Sermons”

Session 5: Anthological texts

Alessandra Bucossi, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Editing a Patristic Anthology? How and Why?”

Denis Searby, Ars edendi Program, Stockholm University: “Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: On Preparing a Digital Hyperedition of Greek Gnomic Collections”

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